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    Guo Wenqing Meets with Hu Henghua, Member of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Standing Committee and Secretary of Changsha Municipal Committee
    CopyFrom: Date:12 March 2019
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      On March 11, Guo Wenqing, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the Group Corporation and Chairman of MCC, met with Hu Henghua, Member of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Standing Committee and Secretary of Changsha Municipal Committee, and his delegation. The two sides made an in-depth exchange on further deepening their cooperation in new energy, new materials and other fields.

      Guo Wenqing welcomed Hu Henghua and his delegation and appreciated CPC Hunan Provincial Committee as well as Changsha Municipal Committee for always supporting China Minmetals' subsidiaries located in Hunan, reviewed the attendance of both sides in the ceremony for putting China Minmetals' National New Energy Materiel Industrial Base and Changyuan Lico's Tongguan Base into operation in Changsha and introduced the business performance of China Minmetals during 2018. Mr. Guo stated that in 2018, guided by the strategic objective of "Doubling in Three Steps", China Minmetals' operating income exceeded RMB 500 billion with its profit creating another historical record and its total current assets reaching RMB 1.86 trillion. The total assets of China Minmetals’ subsidiaries in Hunan have exceeded RMB 200 billion. Hunan Province is the province with the widest strategic layout and largest total assets of China Minmetals. Based on the long-term friendly cooperation, China Minmetals has developed profound friendship with Hunan Province and Changsha City. However, the economic benefits and operating efficiency need further improvement.

      Guo Wenqing said that he attended the opening meeting of the 2nd session of the 13th National People's Congress and listened to the government work report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang. The report pointed out that Hunan Province and Changsha City were expected to offer more preferential policies and support for China Minmetals in terms of electricity price, construction land and other aspects to accelerate the development of emerging industries and reduce the cost of manufacturing industry in electricity consumption. Relevant departments and affiliated enterprises of China Minmetals should adhere to the enterprise spirit that "No work should be delayed for even one day", enhance their work efficiency, shorten the design and construction period, vigorously promote the production of new energy materials and the construction of the 2nd phase as well as establish China Minmetals' Central Research Institute on New Energy Materials in a faster pace, laying a solid foundation for Changsha to build China's largest new energy material industrial base.

      Hu Henghua appreciated Guo Wenqing for his warm reception and China Minmetals as well as MCC for their long-term support for the development of Hunan and Changsha. He also introduced the strategic thinking and related work of Changsha in developing new energy and new material industries. Hu Henghua stated that Hunan Province, Changsha City, China Minmetals and MCC established a profound and solid foundation for cooperation during a long period. Hunan and Changsha have paid high attention to the incubation and development of strategic emerging industries, such as new energy and new materials. Last year, China Minmetals' National New Energy Material Industrial Base went into operation, becoming a new growth driver in the economic and social development of Hunan. The two sides are expected to join hands with each other to promote the new material industry relying on the operation of Changyuan Lico's Tongguan Base and construction of the 2nd phase. Hunan and Changsha will actively carry out coordination, create more favorable conditions to rapidly advance China Minmetals' National New Energy Materiel Industrial Base Project and offer preferential electricity price, construction land as well as other support, jointly contributing to the development of new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries in China.

      The two sides carried out an in-depth exchange on specific problems in the cooperation at the meeting.

      Zhang Zhaoxiang, Deputy General Manager and Party Group Member of China Minmetals as well as General Manager and Party Committee Secretary of MCC, attended the meeting. Other attendees include Tan Yong, Deputy Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Administrative Committee of Changsha High-tech Zone, Lei Shuchao, Director of Changsha Municipal Government Liaison Office in Beijing, Zheng Yiren, Deputy Director of Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, Changsha, and heads of related headquarter departments as well as directly-administrated enterprises of the Group Corporation, such as Xue Fei, Li Yuchao, Zhao Zhishun, He Jianbo, Xie Jianguo, Hu Liuquan and Yi Shuguang.


      Guo Wenqing cordially talking with Hu Henghua


      Group photo of the two sides


      Group photo of the meeting


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