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            Guo Wenqing Meets with Luis Schmidt, Chilean Ambassador to China
            CopyFrom: Date:19 March 2019
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              On March 15, Guo Wenqing, General Manager of China Minmetals Corporation, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of MCC, and President of China-Chile Business Council (CCBC), met with the delegation led by Luis Schmidt, Chilean ambassador to China. The two parties had an in-depth exchange of views on the Tenth Annual Meeting of the China-Chile Business Council (CCBC) to be held during the APEC Forum in 2019, the projects invested by China Minmetals in Chile, Chilean President's visit to China, and other events, in an amicable atmosphere.

              Guo extended his warm welcome to Luis Schmidt to visit China, his gratitude to Chilean government for their great support for China Minmetals' business in Chile, and briefly introduced China Minmetals. He pointed out that the CCBC has fully exerted its influence in facilitating the communication and cooperation between the enterprises in China and in Chile. It has participated in, witnessed, and promoted the trade relations between the two countries, which has been recognized by both Chinese government and Chilean government. The APEC 2019 Forum will be held in Chile, during which CCBC is expected to play a more active and more important role, to spare no efforts to hold the Tenth Annual Meeting successfully, to further promote its popularity globally and attract more influential members, to continue to promote the cooperation on bilateral trade and investment, and to enhance the dialog and communication mechanism between the enterprises in the two countries.

              Guo stressed that China Minmetals was the first to develop the whole industry chain in the world metal and mining industry, covering obtaining resources, design, constructions, mining, preparation, smelting, logistics, and trade. Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. (MCC Group) is a pioneer and major force in the steel industry in China, and the "national team" in the metallurgy industry in China, accounting for 90% of China market and 60% of world market in the metallurgy industry. MCC has great strength in the transformation in metallurgical engineering and infrastructure construction. China Minmetals hopes to receive support from the Chilean government in related areas as always, and to find opportunities for cooperation in mineral resource exploitation and utilization, and urban infrastructure construction, so as to jointly promote the companies of the two countries to achieve win-win cooperation in multiple and specialized areas.

              Luis Schmidt recognized China Minmetals' achievements over the past five years, and the contribution from Chinese entrepreneurs and Chilean entrepreneurs to the economic and social development in Chile. He pointed out that China is the largest partner of Chile, which has made significant contribution to the economic and trade development in Chile. China Minmetals is a major driving force for the bilateral trade cooperation and economic development in Chile, and is a trustworthy strategic partner. Chile hopes China Minmetals can further promote investment in the mining industry, agriculture, infrastructure construction, energy, transportation, and many other areas in Chile. The Chilean government will provide strong support, to contribute to the friendship and long-term development of China and Chile.

              The two parties also thoroughly discussed the related supporting and security activities during the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

              Jiao Jian, Deputy General Manager and Party Member of the Group, attended the meeting. Jiao Jian, Deputy General Manager and Party Member of the Group, as well as Rodrigo Toledo from Embassy of Chile in China, and Xing Yan, Zhu Haitao, Zhou Yi, Zhao Jing, and many others from related departments of the headquarters and direct affiliated institutions of China Minmetals also attended the meeting.


              Group photo of Guo Wenqing and Luis Schmidt


              Group photo of the meeting


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