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            Guo Wenqing Investigates and Directs the Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Yiliang County, Yunnan Province
            CopyFrom: Date:19 April 2019
            + . -

              On April 17, Guo Wenqing, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of China Minmetals Corporation (China Minmetals), and Chairman of MCC, and his delegation went to Yiliang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province to investigate and direct the targeted poverty alleviation. He also visited the cadres assigned by China Minmetals to Yiliang, Zhenxiong and Weixin counties on behalf of the Party Committee of China Minmetals. During the investigation, Guo Wenqing also met respectively with Yang Yalin, Secretary of Zhaotong Municipal Party Committee, and Guo Dajin, Mayor and Deputy Secretary of Zhaotong Municipal Party Committee, and had in-depth communication on the progress of the poverty alleviation in Zhaotong City and the poverty alleviation in the metal mineral industry.

              Guo Wenqing pointed out at the meeting that since China Minmetals undertook the targeted poverty alleviation task to Zhaotong's three counties of Zhenxiong, Yiliang and Weixin in 2002, it has actively participated in poverty alleviation work by assigning cadres, providing direct financial aid and promoting industrial project cooperation. Especially since 2017, China Minmetals has continuously increased the aid funds, with the scale of direct aid funds to the three counties growing three times larger than the previous year, providing strong support and help for the poverty alleviation of Zhaotong's three counties. In the future, China Minmetals has the responsibility and obligation to further strengthen communication with Zhaotong City, further expand cooperation in metal mineral industry, actively participate in Zhaotong's municipal infrastructure, focus on industrial poverty alleviation, and help the three counties win the tough battle against poverty.

              Yiliang County, located in the hinterland of Wumeng, is 800 meters above sea level, with the highest elevation of 2780 meters and the lowest elevation of 520 meters, with the elevation difference of 2260 meters. The mountainous region accounts for more than 96% of the total land area of the county. It is a typical mountainous county. Yiliang County's ecological environment is sensitive and fragile, with 622 geological disaster sites. It has a total population of 616,900, including 101 poor villages and 28,991 poor households.

              How is the poverty alleviation project aided by China Minmetals going, how is the process of getting registered poor households out of poverty going, and how can we help poor counties in combination with the characteristics of enterprises and accurately carry out the targeted poverty alleviation? Guo Wenqing was very concerned about these issues. On the noon of April 17, Guo Wenqing and his delegation drove three and a half hours of bumpy mountain roads to Heping Primary School in Qiaoshan Town, Yiliang County, which was built by China Minmetals and located on the side of the mountains. Guo Wenqing felt very delighted while seeing that the aided primary school project has played an important role. He asked for details from time to time and was very concerned about whether the pupils were eating or wearing well. On the playground newly built by China Minmetals, Guo Wenqing and his delegation took part in a simple but grand donation ceremony. At the ceremony, the student representatives of Heping Primary School tied bright red scarfs for Guo Wenqing and his delegation. Later, Guo Wenqing donated love package to over 220 students of Heping Primary School on behalf of China Minmetals.

              After investigating Heping Primary School, Guo Wenqing and his delegation continued to drive to the Drinking Water Project site in Qiaoshan Town built by China Minmetals for investigation. They encountered falling rocks from time to time along the rugged mountain roads. Water shortage is very serious in Qiaoshan Town, where 20,000 villagers have difficulty in drinking water. Many villagers even took a bath every few months. Qiaoshan Town Drinking Water Project is a major livelihood project in Yiliang County. After its completion, 22,328 people from 5 villages in Qiaoshan Town will benefit. At the same time, it can solve the problem of production and living water for 15,810 peasant households, 5,915 registered households, 4,280 teachers and students from 6 schools and Anlechang Town. Since 2018, China Minmetals has invested nearly RMB 10 million for the construction of the Project.

              After listening to the report from the person in charge of the construction site, Guo Wenqing stressed that Qiaoshan Town Drinking Water Project was an important livelihood project. China Minmetals cared and supported the Project, and also specially sent an expert team to provide technical support in the early stage. At present, the Project has already been half finished. The project leader and constructor of the town government should be highly responsible and use the money to build high-quality project, in order to truly benefit the people, truly guarantee the water supply for the registered households, and ensure the implementation of the "rural poor people having no worry about food and clothing and having access to compulsory education, basic medical services, and safe housing" emphasized by General Secretary Xi Jinping in Qiaoshan Town.

              During the investigation, when Guo Wenqing learned of the difficulties in relocating the poor in Qiaoshan Town, he said that relocation was a key step for getting the registered poor households out of poverty. It is necessary to relocate and resettle the poor households scattered on the mountainside. China Minmetals has already helped them solve their drinking water problem, and will support rural industries to help them realize sustainable poverty alleviation and become better off. Guo Wenqing instructed the Poverty Alleviation Office and assigned cadres of China Minmetals to conduct in-depth investigation on the relocation project and industrial poverty alleviation project of Qiaoshan Town. China Minmetals shall help them come up with practical and feasible plans under the support of the local government.

              During the investigation, hearing the report from the main leaders of Yiliang County on the poverty alleviation, Guo Wenqing said that winning the tough battle against poverty and solving poverty issues around China were the solemn commitments made by CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core and were of great political significance and profound historical significance. As a central enterprise, China Minmetals will continue to learn and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Under the guidance of explanations about targeted poverty alleviation from General Secretary Xi Jinping, it adheres to a combination of alleviating poverty, fostering ambition and enhancing education, takes helping its counterparts with poverty alleviation as an important mission to fulfill the political, economic and social responsibilities, focuses on targeted poverty alleviation and invests more on poverty alleviation through improving education and boosting industrial growth in order to solve the long-term development problems of impoverished areas.

              As for the targeted poverty alleviation of China Minmetals in Zhaotong's three counties, Guo Wenqing required that they should continue to adhere to the important principle of targeted and centralized poverty alleviation, and stick to provide aid for education and livelihood projects as well as industrial poverty alleviation to form their own characteristics. For the characteristic agricultural products in Zhaotong's three counties, China Minmetals' union organizations should increase their support, canteens and other institutions should increase their procurement to fully support local cooperatives in the development of industrial poverty alleviation projects.

              Guo Wenqing was also very concerned about the cadres who were temporarily appointed to the positions working on the poverty alleviation task. During the investigation, he asked many times about their work and life and asked the Poverty Alleviation Office and relevant organizations of China Minmetals to increase care and support for them. He asked the cadres in the three counties to fully understand the glory and arduous work, give full play of their role as bridges and ties, and communicate well between China Minmetals and the targeted poverty alleviation counties. They are required to conscientiously implement the poverty alleviation strategies and intentions of China Minmetals, accelerate the matchmaking and implementation of poverty alleviation projects, and go all out to do a good job in poverty alleviation.

              Liu Caiming, Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant of China Minmetals, Zhao Changsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Zhaotong Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Zhaotong, Wang Yunlin, Deputy Minister of Party-Mass Relationship Work Division of China Minmetals, Luo Guanghua, Deputy Secretary-general of Zhaotong Municipal Government, Ge Fenglong, Deputy Secretary-general of Zhaotong Municipal Government and Deputy Director of Poverty Alleviation Office, Chen Xiangbin, Deputy Secretary of Yiliang County Party Committee and Governor of Yiliang County, and Luo Jun, Deputy Governor of Yiliang County, accompanied him for the investigation.


              Guo Wenqing investigating Heping Primary School


              Scene of the donation ceremony


              The student representatives of Heping Primary School tying bright red scarfs for Guo Wenqing and his delegation


              Guo Wenqing investigating the Drinking Water Project in Qiaoshan Town


              Guo Wenqing investigating the Drinking Water Project in Qiaoshan Town


              Guo Wenqing investigating the Drinking Water Project in Qiaoshan Town


              Guo Wenqing investigating the Drinking Water Project in Qiaoshan Town


              Photo of Guo Wenqing and his delegation with the teachers and students of Heping Primary School


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