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    Tang Fuping, on Corruption Risks Prevention and Control in Pursuing BRI
    CopyFrom: Date:06 May 2019
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      During the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Tang Fuping, Chairman and Party Group Secretary of China Minmetals, talked about the Group's experience and practices of preventing and controlling corruption risks in building "the Belt and Road" in an exclusive interview with China Discipline Inspection Daily. On May 2, China Discipline Inspection Daily published a report titled "China Minmetals: Effectively Preventing and Controlling Corruption Risks". For reference of all relevant units, the full text is reproduced as follows.

      In recent years, China Minmetals, one of the earliest central enterprises to "go global", has actively implemented the "Belt and Road Initiative" and conducted business in a total of 45 participating countries and regions with remarkable achievements.

      Efforts have been made to strengthen compliance management and to improve the institution system and the oversight system.

      China Minmetals has further promoted the governance of the enterprise in line with the rule of law, continued to establish an international compliance organization system and institutional process, and consolidated the system foundation for compliance management. Firstly, prevention and control has been strengthened in the early stage. Compliance reviews are embedded into management decisions and business processes, the "Guideline for Compliance Operations in Commodity Trade Business" is prepared, the prevailing regulations, such as domestic customer integrity agreements and anti-corruption and anti-bribery clauses in foreign trade contracts, are used for reference, and the integrity clauses are embedded into the normative text of a business contract in view of specific business characteristics, in an effort to prevent violations from the beginning of a project. Secondly, information technology has been used to strengthen process management and improve the timeliness of management. All overseas enterprises have been encouraged to launch SAP information management system so as to get a full real-time understanding of logistics, capital flow and business information flow. Thirdly, the means of oversight have been enriched. Active efforts have been made to build a management and control platform integrating information in the six aspects, including capital, risk control, auditing, law, procurement and investment, so as to implement multi-faceted oversight. Finally, intensive management and control has been strengthened. Given the feature that overseas assets are scattered, the overseas capital platform (Hong Kong holding) and the overseas resources development and operation platform of China Minmetals have been set up to facilitate centralized and unified management and control. Efforts have been made to strengthen effective management and monitoring of all links of overseas projects and make full use of the data supporting function of BIM technology so as to improve the ability of management and control and ensure compliance operation.

      Efforts have been made to carry out strict prevention and control against corruption risks and inflict severe punishment for irregularities.

      China Minmetals has striven to improve its overseas corruption risks prevention and control system. Firstly, efforts have been made to form a joint force for prevention and control. The "Measures for the Prevention and Control against Overseas Corruption Risks" is formulated and multiple lines of defense are set up in business, finance, auditing and oversight so as to realize the prevention and control in the whole process. Secondly, different policies have been implemented in enterprises on a case-by-case basis. Based on the diverse business forms of the enterprises, a differentiation strategy, including compliance inspection and shareholder audit, is adopted to conduct regular "physical examination" of overseas enterprises and strictly urge rectification if necessary. Thirdly, the accountability system has been strictly implemented. Any employee found to be in malpractices must be seriously punished and firmly held accountable in order to maintain the effectiveness of the system. Finally, prevention and control measures have been improved. In-depth researches on corruption risks in the participating countries have been carried out to provide guidance and guarantee for enterprises to plough deep into the market along the "Belt and Road".

      Efforts have been made to strengthen professional ethics education and create a clean and compliant culture.

      China Minmetals has endeavored to strengthen professional ethics education for overseas employees and boost the construction of a clean and compliant culture. Firstly, efforts have been made to improve the work mechanism. For four consecutive years, the Group has held a forum on strengthening the prevention and control against corruption risks in overseas enterprises, focusing on integrity and compliance education by educating "overseas people" with "overseas affairs" and strengthening their respect of law. Secondly, a compliance atmosphere has been created. Through multi-level, multi-dimensional and multi-national compliance training and integrity education, the concepts of "everyone is responsible for compliance" and "compliance creates value" have gradually taken root in the hearts of the employees, thus forming a corporate compliance culture with full participation as well as a strong atmosphere of advocating, practicing and safeguarding compliance. (Author: Tang Fuping, Chairman and Party Group Secretary of China Minmetals)


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