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    Tang Fuping Inspects and Directs Subsidiaries of China Minmetals in Sichuan
    CopyFrom: Date:22 April 2019
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      From April 17 to 18, Tang Fuping, President and Party Group Secretary of China Minmetals, inspected China 19th Metallurgical Corporation and Minmetals Land Limited and directed their industry-city projects during his visit to attend the 2019 Sichuan Tour for Well-known Domestic and Overseas Enterprises.

      On the morning of April 17, Tang Fuping visited the mansion of China 19th Metallurgical Corporation in Chengdu and listened to the work reports on its basic situations, completion of major economic and technical targets, work highlights, prominent problems, ideas for follow-up work and other aspects. Tang Fuping pointed out that as a "third-line" enterprise with a long history and historical traditions, China 19th Metallurgical Corporation has made great contributions to China's metallurgical construction. In recent years, China 19th Metallurgical Corporation has expanded its businesses and gone global. In the harsh working environment and market transformation, it has formed the characteristics "TieJun Culture", expanded its living space, moved toward the road of high-quality development with the help of such culture and implemented requirements of the supply-side structural reform of CPC Central Committee. He stressed that the continuous deepening of supply-side structural reform is necessary for resolutely implementing decisions and arrangements of CPC Central Committee and needed by enterprises to achieve a high-quality development. China 19th Metallurgical Corporation should conduct reforms in the enterprise strategy, business structure, organizational structure, talent team and many other aspects to achieve a development with higher quality, more benefits and better structure and further enhance its comprehensive competitive strength.

      For the follow-up operation and development of China 19th Metallurgical Corporation, Tang Fuping proposed two work requirements.

      The first is to further enhance its risk prevention and control according to the deployments of CPC Central Committee on preventing and resolving major risks. China 19th Metallurgical Corporation should strictly control the scale of interest-bearing debts and PPP business risk and invest capital flow in start-ups to facilitate their market expansion, operation and development. Besides, it should establish a perfect management mechanism, predict and control risks, and ensure the safety of its own cash flow and capital chain. During the process of project management, it should improve the project responsibility system and start with multiple links, including project feasibility research, fund raising, design and construction, completion and acceptance, commissioning and utilization, production and operation, to establish the project risk closed-loop management system.

      The second is that China Minmetals will vigorously support the development of its subsidiaries, focus on the joints of the industrial chain, seek for benefits and create new advantages. Under the unified coordination of China Minmetals, China 19th Metallurgical Corporation will cooperate and make matchmaking with other subsidiaries according to unified rules and standards and give play to advantages of the whole industrial chain of metallurgical business, achieving a high-quality development.

      After the meeting, Tang Fuping visited the China MCC19 Exhibition Hall in Pidu District, Chengdu.

      On the afternoon of April 17, Tang Fuping and his delegation conducted on-site investigation on two industry-city projects of Minmetals Land Limited, namely the "Future Eco-city" project and "Electronic Information Industry Functional Zone" project. After listening to the reports made by Minmetals Land Limited on the planning, investment model, development progress and other situations of the "Future Eco-city" project, Tang Fuping noted that the project development should be based on its location and current industrial situation and the overall planning should be combined with future development and center on improving urban supporting functions and introducing superior industrial resources. Minmetals Land Limited should be committed to building high-quality projects, actively promote the development of infrastructure in new cities and urban functions, strive to make its projects become key ones in Chengdu, Sichuan, obtain more policy support and achieve the development goal of city-industry integration as soon as possible.

      Later, Tang Fuping investigated the "Electronic Information Industry Functional Zone Ecosphere" project launched recently as well as learned about the details of investment environment and industrial foundation of the project location, the development planning, cooperation model, follow-up work priorities of the project and other aspects.

      On April 18, Tang Fuping inspected the China MCC19 Polytechnical School in Panzhihua. He visited Zeng Zhengchao and Ning Xianhai, welding project champions respectively of the 43rd and 44th World Skills Competitions, highly praised their spirits of fighting bravely to be the winner and encouraged them to keep modest and diligent and strive for new achievements. Besides, he required China 19th Metallurgical Corporation to maintain existing technical advantages and do a job in selecting and training competitors for the next World Skills Competition. While visiting the national-level Zhou Shuchun Welding Skills Studio, Tang Fuping observed the welding works made by competitors of previous World Skills Competitions with great interest and inquired about competition rules, matters needing attention and others. Subsequently, he inspected the China training base for the welding project and metal construction project of the 45th World Skills Competition built by China 19th Metallurgical Corporation, the simulation teaching and practical training sites for intelligent welding, laser welding and auto maintenance in China MCC19 Polytechnical School and other places.

      The inspection team was accompanied by related personnel of the relevant headquarter departments and subsidiaries of China Minmetals, including Xue Fei, He Jianbo, Pan Biyi and Yang Shangping.


      Tang Fuping inspecting the China training base for the welding project of the 45th World Skills Competition built by China 19th Metallurgical Corporation


      Tang Fuping visiting Zeng Zhengchao and Ning Xianhai, welding project champions respectively of the 43rd and 44th World Skills Competitions


      Tang Fuping visiting the national-level Zhou Shuchun Welding Skills Studio


      Tang Fuping inspecting the intelligent welding site in China MCC19 Polytechnical School


      Tang Fuping visiting the China MCC19 Exhibition Hall


      Tang Fuping listening to work reports of China 19th Metallurgical Corporation


      Tang Fuping inspecting and directing the "Future Eco-city" project of Minmetals Land Limited


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